The Fall Guy: Cast, Release Date & Everything Else

Welcome to our blog post about the classic TV show, The Fall Guy! Come along with us as we reminisce about the thrilling adventures of Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stuntman and bounty hunter. Get ready to experience the excitement and nostalgia of this beloved 80s series all over again.

The Fall Guy: Cast

Emily BluntJody Moreno
Ryan GoslingColt Seavers
Hannah WaddinghamGail
Aaron Taylor-JohnsonTom Ryder
Teresa PalmerUnknown
Stephanie HsuUnknown
Lee MajorsUnknown
Winston DukeUnknown

Quick Overview:

Actor XColt SeaversLead role; known actor from TV series
Actress YJody BanksCo-lead role; rising star in film industry
Actor ZHeath StalloneRecurring character; established supporting actor
Actress AGloria BishopGuest appearance; renowned actress
Actor BHowie MunsonSupporting role; popular comedian
Actress CTanya RobertsSpecial guest; iconic actress
Actor DJim DavisRecurring villain; talented character actor
Actress ECheryl RogersLove interest; up-and-coming actress
Actor FMike LandoSeries regular; well-known television personality
Actress GMelanie BrookesAntagonist; critically acclaimed actress

This table provides a quick overview of the main cast members and the characters they portray in “The Fall Guy 2024.”

The Fall Guy: Plot

  • Colt Seavers is a stuntman who had taken a break from the industry to focus on his physical and mental well-being.
  • He is reluctantly pulled back into the world of stunts when the lead actor of a high-budget film, directed by his ex-partner, goes missing.
  • The movie’s disappearance leads to Colt Seavers being called upon to perform real-life stunts to save the day.
  • “The Fall Guy 2024” is set to be released on May 3, 2024, and is directed by David Leitch and written by Drew Pearce.

The Fall Guy: Release Date

“The Fall Guy 2024” is set to be released on May 3, 2024, and is directed by David Leitch and written by Drew Pearce.

The Fall Guy: Production

  • Principal photography began on September 1st, 2023, at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles, California.
  • Additional shooting took place in various locations around Southern California, including Malibu, Santa Clarita, and Palm Springs.
  • The budget for “The Fall Guy 2024” has been reported to be $150 million, making it one of the most expensive films produced in recent years.
  • The film is being distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.
  • Post-production work will take place throughout late 2023 and early 2024, with the release scheduled for May 3rd, 2024.

The Fall Guy: Developmnt

The development of “The Fall Guy 2024” has been a multi-year process involving several stages, each contributing to the creation of the anticipated action thriller.

  1. Concept: Initially inspired by the 1980s TV series, producers sought to reintroduce the concept to modern audiences with a fresh take on the original material.
  2. Script: Screenwriter Drew Pearce was brought aboard to pen the script, drawing inspiration from the original series while adding new twists and turns to the storyline.
  3. Casting: Producers aimed to secure top-notch talent for the lead roles, eventually landing Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt to play Colt Seavers and Jody Moreno respectively.
  4. Director: After considering multiple directors, producers settled on David Leitch, whose proven skills in delivering viscerally entertaining action sequences made him an ideal choice for bringing “The Fall Guy 2024” to life.
  5. Pre-production: Once the script was complete and the principal cast confirmed, pre-production commenced, with the crew scouting locations, designing costumes, and planning logistics for the shoot.
  6. Principal Photography: Principal photography began on September 1st, 2023, with the majority of filming occurring in Los Angeles, California, and other Southern California locations.
  7. Post-production: Following completion of principal photography, post-production work began, encompassing editing, special effects, and audio mixing. The film is slated for release on May 3rd, 2024.

Throughout these stages, producers worked tirelessly to bring “The Fall Guy 2024” to fruition, ensuring that the film would meet the high expectations of fans of the original series and action movie aficionados alike.

The Fall Guy: Filming Locations

Based on the available information, here are the filming locations for “The Fall Guy 2024” in points:

  • Filming took place in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
  • The production secured permission to shut down the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge for a day of filming.
  • Additional shooting took place on location at Martin Place, Kurnell, and the Sydney Opera House.
  • The practical stunts in the movie required a team of 120 people working together.
  • The movie’s dedication to practical effects could be a refreshing change of pace, with so many modern blockbusters choosing to use CGI wherever possible.

The Fall Guy: Director

  • David Leitch, known for his work in the action genre, directs “The Fall Guy 2024”
  • Leitch’s distinctive style includes dynamic camerawork and meticulous choreography of fight scenes
  • With Leitch at the helm, the film promises high-octane thrills and innovative stunt work

The Fall Guy: Genre


  • Belongs to the Action Thriller category
  • Also features elements of Drama and Adventure
  • Offers a mix of genres to appeal to a wide range of audiences


  • Follows the journey of Colt Seavers, a former stuntman turned reluctant hero
  • Involves intense action sequences and suspenseful narrative elements
  • Combines fast-paced pacing, intricate fight choreography, and edge-of-your-seat moments
  • Directed by David Leitch, known for his skill in executing complex action scenes

The Fall Guy: Sound Track


  • Composed by Alan Silvestri
  • Official soundtrack release date: March 1st, 2024
  • Tracklisting unavailable at present
  • One song featured in the official trailer: “Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King

Music Features:

  • Mix of orchestral and electronic elements
  • Enhances the film’s action and suspense
  • Score by renowned composer Alan Silvestri


“The Fall Guy 2024” is an upcoming action thriller that pays homage to the beloved ’80s series while offering a fresh and exciting twist for contemporary audiences. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, the film boasts a stellar cast and a seasoned director in David Leitch, promising breathtaking action sequences and heart-stopping suspense.

Set to be released on May 3, 2024, “The Fall Guy 2024” is sure to satisfy fans of the original series and action movie enthusiasts alike. With a score by Alan Silvestri and a soundtrack featuring a mix of orchestral and electronic elements, the film’s musical components are expected to elevate the viewing experience.

Although the film is still months away from hitting the big screen, the anticipation surrounding “The Fall Guy 2024” continues to grow, fueled by the talent involved and the promise of another installment in the legacy of the original series. So mark your calendars for May 3, 2024, because “The Fall Guy 2024” is bound to be an electrifying ride that you won’t want to miss!.


1. Which composer scored the music for “The Fall Guy 2024”?

Alan Silvestri composed the music for “The Fall Guy 2024.” He is known for creating memorable scores for films such as “Back to the Future,” “Forrest Gump,” and “Avengers: Endgame.”

2. Where were key scenes filmed for “The Fall Guy 2024”?

Key scenes for “The Fall Guy 2024” were shot in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Some notable locations include Sydney Harbour Bridge, Martin Place, Kurnell, and the Sydney Opera House.

3. Who stars in “The Fall Guy 2024”?

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt are the lead actors in “The Fall Guy 2024.” Other notable actors in the film include Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Teresa Palmer, Stephanie Hsu, Lee Majors, and Winston Duke.

4. Is “The Fall Guy 2024” a remake of the original TV series?

“The Fall Guy 2024” is a modern adaptation of the original TV series that aired in the 1980s. While it pays homage to the original, it also offers a fresh take on the story and characters.

5. What is the plot of “The Fall Guy 2024”?

“The Fall Guy 2024” follows Colt Seavers, a former stuntman who is pulled back into the world of stunts when the lead actor of a high-budget film goes missing. Colt must perform real-life stunts to save the day and ensure the success of the film.

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