Lisa Frankenstein 2024 Movie: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Where to Watch, And More

Lisa Frankenstein is the ultimate entertaining movie with a blend of horror, comedy and romance. This movie has raised a huge amount of rage online and has an excellent plot and storyline. Viewers have shown immense love to this movie from the first look. 

Horror-comedy fans from all over the world are expecting it to be a blast. The cast and crew of the movie are also keeping high hopes. 

If you are also excited to watch it, here are certain things you must know. Keep it up with us! 

Lisa Frankenstein: Plot

Diablo Cody dramatically depicted teenage love stories in Lisa Frankenstein. The movie plot is inspired by the renowned novel “The Modern Prometheus” or “Frankenstein.” 

This is the story of a teenage misunderstood goth girl. She develops a huge crush on a high school classmate, who happens to be dead after a set of dramas.

 Here comes the horror part when the girl faces horrific circumstances to bring him back to life. The movie will take you on a journey of finding love and happiness along with a few lost dead bodies. 

Lisa Frankenstein: Cast

Zelda Williams will be directing this super entertaining movie. The director is well known for his Were the World Mine in 2018, The Legend of Korra in 2012, and finally, Never in 2014.

Diablo Cody is both the writer and producer of the movie. The writer is known for entertaining pieces like Young Adult in 2911, Juno in 2007, Tully in 2018, and Jennifer’s Body in 2009. 

Elizabeth Ellson is the associated producer, Jeffery Lampert is the executive producer, and Mason Novick will be producing this movie.

Kathryn Newton will be playing the role of teenage girl Lisa. Liza Sobernbo is playing the role of Taffy. Jenna Davis will also be there as Lori. These three actresses are the movie’s star cast. 

For other characters, you will get Trina LaFargue as Tricia, Paola Andino as Misty, Joshua Montes as Vince, and Chris Greening as Jock. Regarding the story’s demand, Mae Ang will play the role of a drunk girl, Joey Harris as Tamara, and Henry Eikenberry as Micheal Trent. Here, Jennifer Pierce will play the role of Lisa’s mom, Luke Sexton as Axe Murdered, and Ayla Miller as a white girl. Also, you will see Bryce Romero, Jalyn Rae, Cole Sprouse, Carla Gugino, and Joe Chrest playing other supporting characters in the movie. 

Lisa Frankenstein: Release Date

Finally, Lisa Frankenstein’s official release date is out. In the USA, it will be at the theater on 9th February 2024, which is a few days before Valentine’s.

It can certainly be a plan for Valentine’s movie dates. So, save your tickets as soon as the movie tickets are open. As the movie has a touch of romance, it will certainly be a preference for couples. The love month should not go to waste.

For UK audiences, this will be released on 1st March of the same year. 

In the USA, the movie will hit theaters on 2727th January 2024.  

Where Can I Watch Lisa Frankenstein?

You can enjoy Lisa Frankenstein both online and offline. If you want to grab the first day -first show, get your tickets from the nearest theater. 

You must check the hall access near you for this movie. If your location is not getting the movie anytime soon, you can enjoy it online as well. 

To watch the movie in the theater, get details from the nearest theater in the area.

If theaters near you are not releasing Lisa Frankenstein soon, you can enjoy this on streaming sites.

When Will Lisa Frankenstein Release On Streaming?

The good news is Out! Lisa Frankenstein will be officially available on the streaming platform on 25th November. 

According to the sources, HBO Max holds the official right to stream the movie. 

20th Century is distributing the movie online. So, holding the routine HBO Max is the ultimate priority of this production agency.

However, HBO has no right to stream the movie for free. If you are a paid subscriber of HBO Max, you will get to enjoy it at home anytime after release. 

Although it is not official, it can still be guessed that Disney+ and Hulu will be releasing it for their subscribers.

Is Lisa Frankenstein On Crunchyroll?

Yes! Crunchyroll subscribers have good news. They will be getting to enjoy Lisa Frankenstein online in the meantime. However, this streaming platform is only available around North America. 

There has still been no official announcement of Crunchyroll dates for the meantime streaming. Keep your eyes on their official site, and you will be notified about the release. 


No! Currently, neither Netflix nor Crunchyroll has the official right to stream Lisa Frankenstein. However, both platforms attract a massive number of movie lovers from all around the world. They offer some other romantic, horror and thrilling options for their audiences. 

Well, Amazon Prime has the possibility of getting streaming right by the end of this year. Even if it gets released, you might have to pay digitally to enjoy this movie. 

This means it will not be FREE even for the prime subscribers! Amazon has this option of digital payment to stream their exclusive movies and shows on rent. It might not be available all around the world.

For the latest details, keep your eyes on the Amazon Prime official site. 

Is Lisa Frankenstein MOVIE ON Disney?

Lisa Frankenstein is not yet available on Disney. However, there is no final decision by the movie authority. This movie is planned to gather the maximum crowd in the theater. So, the release date might depend on the box office performance.

Generally, Disney + makes announcements of the movie release after 50 to 60 days of theater release. So, fans should wait two months to get the confirmation. 

The predicted date is *July 2024. Mark your date on the calendar for the Disney+ release. For confirmation, you can visit their official site. 

Otherwise, there are other options available. 


Yes! Lisa Frankenstein is likely to be released on BLU Ray and DVD. It is ensured that through both of them, you will get ultra HD quality. 20th century distributors prefer both BLU-RAY and DVD. 

However, the dates have not been confirmed yet. Following the release pattern of “The NUN”, it can be guessed that the 20th century will provide official access to them by the holiday season. This means, by December, you might get to enjoy it.

When will Lisa Frankenstein be released officially on digital?

Lisa Frankenstein is making a massive craze worldwide. The movie authorities have ensured audiences will get digital access to the movie. 

But the officially detailed announcement will be out following the box office performance. According to the records, Peacock Universal will be holding the official right to stream the movie.

Peacock subscription costs will require you to pay around $4.99 to $49.99 per year. You will get to enjoy an immense amount of content here, along with Lisa Frankenstein, for free as a subscriber.


Lisa Frankenstein is not officially available on streaming sites for Australia and New Zealand. There are official sites to stream it online for free. 

You can explore:

You should be careful and maintain caution while exploring these sites. If you do not have access, consider exploring it with an express VPN. 

HOW TO WATCH ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ in USA Online?

The USA has extensive streaming platforms available for enjoying movies online. But, as a US audience, you might have to wait a few months. 

124movies is a renowned website that can help you here. It is considered a solar movie alternative. This site gives you the opportunity to download this movie as well as stream it online. 

You can also explore iTunes and Google Play. These sites will give you the opportunity to stream in the meantime. 

How do you watch a Lisa Frankenstein movie for FREE?

There are some great websites that will let you enjoy the movies by downloading them. These are not official, but you can safely get access by following certain restrictions. 

Explore here:


YIFY movies

If you are trying to watch free online from illegal sites, stay conscious. Those websites can pose a threat to your online privacy.

Wrap Up:

Lisa Frankenstein is making a huge mass online. It had a great response from the audiences on IMDB. Both the cast crews and audiences are expecting it to be a great hit. This movie will be in the theater soon. For streaming platform releases, audiences have to wait. If it is available in your accessible theaters, go and save your rockets! This can certainly be an entertaining time this love month!

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