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What About Love film (2023) Plot, Cast, and Latest Update

Instead of favoring certain performers or sticking to a certain film genre, Andy Garcia’s oeuvre can be characterized by his prolific output across all filmic boundaries. Garcia’s filmography dates to the mid-1980s, when he was confronted with competing with A-list actors like Sean Connery, Kevin Costner, and Robert De Niro in the Prohibition-era mafia drama “The Untouchables” (in an Oscar-winning performance). Garcia then went on to make appearances in a variety of films and television shows, including “Ocean’s Eleven,” the HBO football dramedy “Ballers,” and the ABBA musical “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.”

What About Love film (2023)

After just directing “Fascination,” which was released in 2004, director Klaus Menzel will direct his second film, “What About Love.” Despite Menzel’s scant career, “What About Love” boasts a performance by Andy Garcia, giving viewers a reason to pay attention in addition to the typical motives for seeing a movie by a relatively inexperienced director. Here is everything we currently know about “What About Love.”

What About Love film (2023) Release Date:

In September 2019, a lengthy trailer for “What About Love” was released, which seemed to imply that the movie was anticipated to be ready for distribution soon after that. Valentine’s Day 2020 is listed as the trailer’s theatrical release date at the conclusion. Of course, February 14, 2020, has passed, and “What About Love” is still not available in theatres or on other platforms.

Although March 11 is the day that many Americans connect with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic (according to Buzzfeed), the virus had already begun to affect people’s daily lives in a number of other countries before March. Since the majority of the “What About Love” actors and crew appear to be from Europe, it is likely that the pandemic was the main reason why the movie’s release date was pushed back.

The release date for “What About Love” is now listed as “Expected February 11, 2022” on the IMDb page, which appears to support the idea of a theatrical Valentine’s Day release, providing that pandemic conditions don’t require any additional delays.

What About Love film (2023) Plot:

In “What About Love,” “two young people, somewhat wary of love, spend a summer together in Europe making a film about people’s attitude towards love,” according to a summary shared, among other places, on the website of the company that produced two trailers for the movie. Tanner (Marielle Jaffe) and Christian (Miguel ngel Muoz) soon “realize that they’re actually filming their own love story, but they have no idea that their film will ultimately save Christian

The two “What About Love” trailers mostly cover Christian’s developing romance with Tanner and the events that follow the tragedy mentioned in the story summary. Although the details of that catastrophe are unclear, it seems to have put Christian and Tanner in the hospital and given Andy Garcia and Sharon Stone’s characters their motivation for getting involved. After the movie’s premiere in February 2022, further information on the interconnectedness of Christian’s story, his friendship with Tanner, and how those things are maintained through unexpected difficulty should become available.

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What About Love film (2023) Cast:

Miguel angel Muoz and Marielle Jaffe respectively play the two main protagonists in “What About Love.” Spanish actor Muoz has primarily appeared in Spanish-language TV shows and movies since his career began in 1994. Jaffe is an American actress, and some of her previous work includes “Scream 4,” “10 Things I Hate About You,” and “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.”

Along with the aforementioned Andy Garcia, Jose Coronado, Iain Glen, Sharon Stone, and others make appearances in the movie. Like Muoz, Coronado was born in Spain and has also acted in a majority of Spanish-language productions. While Glen is a successful actor, Jorah Mormont from “Game of Thrones” is probably his most well-known role. Among other things, he has also appeared in the “Resident Evil” movie series and “Kick-Ass 2”. Stone is a well-known figure in Hollywood who has worked on films like Paul Verhoeven’s suspenseful “Basic Instinct” and Martin Scorsese’s “Casino.” Stone is a lifelong actor like Garcia.

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