WWII series ‘Voices of Liberation’ Where to watch, release date and updates

The idea behind the Voices of Liberation Series:

Voices Of Liberation is an 11-part, English-language series written and directed by leading Belgian filmmaker Koen Mortier, whose credits include the crime drama, Ex-Drummer. Netflix will take has already taken us by surprise by May 2022 with the first season of the series being released along the Liberation Route, the route filled with World War II battle milestones, in Voices of Liberation (2022). The docuseries will appear on the streaming service in early May.

The Voices of Liberation series ensures that the debates and values that shaped the liberation movement are not lost. The series offers a unique combination of biographical information with selections from original speeches and writings in each volume. By providing access to the thoughts and writings of some of the many men and women who fought for the dismantling of apartheid, colonialism, and capitalist legacy, this series invites the contemporary reader to engage directly with the rich history of the struggle for democracy and the restoration of our own identity.

The title of the series has been carefully chosen as it speaks to its purpose which is not only to make a particular voice resonate but to strengthen the voice from the South and Africa in particular. The writings and eyewitness accounts of wartime participants have helped a lot in tracing the story of Europe’s liberation during WWII in this historical docuseries which is now converted into a Netflix series. Watch all you want. Emmy nominee Thomas Brodie-Sangster and others share their connections to World War II in this docuseries.

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The untold stories of the Voices raised for liberation:

WWII series 'Voices of Liberation' Where to watch, release date, and updates

In the WW2 series; ‘The Voices of Liberation’, several famous people take the viewer along with the special places on the route. The route is highlighted from several European countries, with The Queen’s Gambit star Thomas Brodie-Sangster taking on the UK and actor Géza Weisz for the Netherlands. Every presenter has a connection with the war in his or her way, for example, Géza’s Jewish grandfather died in Auschwitz. Other guides include Belgian filmmaker and actor Bouli Lanners, Algerian-French actress Sarah Kaminsky, Belgian actor, and musician Bart Peeters, and German actor Christian Berkel.

Along with the facts told through the use of personal documents (letters, diaries, memoirs, …) they also tell us their personal stories, which offers the public an alternative view of the events. In addition, this television series does not only focus on the story of ‘the Allied liberator’ but also on that of ‘the civilian’, ‘the resistance fighter’, ‘the collaborator’, and even ‘the enemy’. Therefore, ‘Voices of Liberation’ wants to find a balance with this angle by giving a voice to all people, from different angles and with different backgrounds, which will give us insights into the minds of the people who lived, fought, and in the best case, survived the Second World War.

Not only do Allied freedom fighters come into the picture, but also civilians, resistance fighters, and even enemies. The series is written and directed by Belgian filmmaker Koen Mortier. The first season of ‘The Voices of Liberation’ has already been premiered on May 2nd, 2022 to be seen on Netflix. For a complete overview of all new movies and series that will soon be available on the streaming service, the eager history-loving fans can visit our Coming Soon page on Netflix.

Cast and the crew, battling through the times:

UK actor Sangster, also known for roles in Game of Thrones and The Queen’s Gambit, has played the front of the first two episodes of the documentary; Voices of the Liberation traces the “liberation route” across Europe, and he too shares details about how his family is connected with the WW2 and the suppressed voices of that time.  Other cast members include; Geraldine Schwarz, Christian Berkel, Sarah Kaminsky, Bouli Lanners, Bart Peeters, Geza Weisz, and Jean Schatz who is also famously known as the reader for the ‘Voices of Liberation series.

The people behind the scenes who made it all possible, who worked behind the camera to encompass this piece of history into an enlightening series were the cast. Starting from the Director of photography who was Norman Baert, the best of all. The Director’s Department was headed obviously by the Director; Koen Mortier who made the shots so perfect and made sure the authenticity remain intact. As the series; Voices of Liberation, depicted an era older than what we live in, it required a lot of editing, which was done by the Editor; Manu Van Hove. The producer as mentioned before is Eurydice Gysel.

 However, the production management was handled by two different people at different locations. In Berlin, Lars Ansgar Förster was the location manager, and for the local production management, Tina Sonanini was hired because of her expertise in the locations of the local areas. The most important part of all, the Screenplay, was written by the Director of the Series; Koen Mortier. Last, but not least the TV and the Web-Content were developed by them Stringer fans call him fixer, Lars van Lennep.

The producer is Eurydice Gysel for Brussels-based Czar Film and TV, Interstellar pictures, and NL film and TV. Last year, the project was the first to receive financing from Netflix since a law was passed in Belgium requiring the streaming giant to invest 2% of its income from subscriptions in Flanders into Flemish content. Netflix will provide 40% of the total budget.

The Cinematographer is Jordan Vanschel accompanying him is Manu Van Hoe the Film editor of the series Voices of Liberation. The visual effects were all that mattered and they were enhanced by the makeup department which played a very vital role in creating the essence in actors of older times, the makeup of all the lead actors of the series was done by Evalotte Oosterop. Steve Van Roy was responsible for the sound and the playback music was provided by the Soul savers.

How To Watch Voices of Liberation?

You can watch this series on Netflix. The first season of this docuseries is made up of 16 episodes, and it features the voices of veterans from all over Europe who were involved in the war. There are interviews of them in which they discuss how they participated in the war. You can watch this series whenever you like. It’s available on Netflix now.

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