Everything You Need to Know About “True Haunting” Movie (2023)


Once again, Jamie Campbell Bower, the star from Stranger Things season 4, is coming back with the horror genre in his new film directed by Gary Fleder and based on the horrifying tale of the first-ever exorcism that was broadcasted on television by NBC in 1971. The movie True Haunting sets on Edwin F. Becker’s 2011 novel goes with the same name, “True Haunting.” 

Richard D’Ovidio and Blair Butler have co-written the screenplay of this actual event-based haunted house horror film, and “True Haunting” is produced by Cindy Cowan. This horror movie will portray the genuinely awful occurrences that occurred when an exorcism was performed and documented by the Becker family in a haunted house that they had just bought.

Everything You Need to Know About “True Haunting” Movie (2023)
Everything You Need to Know About “True Haunting” Movie (2023)

“True Haunting” movie (2023) release date: When is the film coming out?  

This haunted house movie is scheduled to premiere on January 6, 2023 (wide), in theatres all over America. Internationally, its limited release will be held in France on January 4, 2023, and widely on January 20, 2023, all over the United Kingdom. 

True Haunting movie’s distributor, Sony Pictures Entertainment, will launch it on Sony Screen Gems. The country of origin of this horror film is the United States of America, and its original language is English. 

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Where to watch the “True Haunting” movie (2023) online?  

Everything You Need to Know About “True Haunting” Movie (2023)

After the film’s official theatrical release is done, it will be available to stream on various online streaming websites and platforms. The film’s directors have yet to disclose which internet streaming services have purchased the rights to premiere the movie.

As a result, the movie has no affiliation with any internet streaming services, and its only distribution method is theatrical release. Details about the movie’s associated internet streaming platforms are anticipated to be made public soon.

What do we know about the “True Haunting” movie (2023)?

True Haunting is based on actual incidents, as suggested by its title. Genuine Haunting depicts a “true haunting,” as the tagline indicates. The book narrates the personal story of Ed and Marsha Becker, a newlywed couple who move into a new residence and learn that some evil spirit haunts it. Specifically, the sinister family who formerly resided and died in that haunted house previously performed many wicked activities there. So, uncertain of what to do, the Becker family seeks help and executes an exorcism to abolish the evil soul from the house. 

The Beckers’ paranormal experience immediately made headlines around the country after their house was the setting for the first nationally broadcast exorcism. In 1971, NBC broadcast the event to millions of viewers nationwide, spire recorded in Chicago. Nevertheless, the broadcast was successful and was the most discussed topic and exorcism. According to the book, the exorcism failed to help the Beckers and made matters considerably worse for them. It’s confirmed that Moriarty and Bower will portray the Beckers in the movie. 

Moriarty can be seen in the hit Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television Studios television series The Boys as Annie January (also known as the superhero Starlight). She has also appeared in movies including Monster Party, Driven, Kong: Skull Island, Captain Fantastic, and The Kings of Summer, as well as television shows like HBO’s True Detective and Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

The fourth season of the hugely popular Netflix series Stranger Things had Bower as a new cast member. Fans appreciated the role he played as Vecna there. He also had recurrent roles as Young Grindlewald in the Harry Potter series and the villainous vampire Caius in the Twilight Saga. There are a few more productions in which he has acted well.

Who are the casts of the “True Haunting” movie (2023)?

Everything You Need to Know About “True Haunting” Movie (2023)

This horror film stars Erin Moriarty (Marsha Beaker), Jamie Campbell Bower (Ed Beaker), Harriet Slater (April Beaker), Anesthesia Everall (Nancy), Ann Mitchell (Myra Danvers), Emma Gojkovic (Jenn), Adam Davenport (Medical Examiner), Ian Shaw (Reverend Davis), Miljana Kravic (Ann), Leonardo Taiwo (Dave) and others. 

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