How To Watch Spoiler Alert?

Spoiler Alert, directed by Michael Showalter, is a true story based on Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, released in 2017. This 112-minute-long film is based on the Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies (2017) by Michael Ausiello

Michael Showalter’s latest directorial- Spoiler Alert, who has previously directed The Big Sick, shows the relationship between Michael Ausiello and Kit Cowan and how their journey ends when Cowan starts battling cancer. Jim Parsons- who is widely known for his role- Sheldon Cooper played in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory fits nicely in this film. 

From 9th December, you can watch this romantic American drama film in theatres. Read it along to know how and where to watch Spoiler Alert online! Also, if you want to stream it online, we can help out with information. 

How To Watch Spoiler Alert?
How To Watch Spoiler Alert?

Spoiler Alert Release Date

Almost four years have passed since the production of Spoiler Alert began in 2018! Producers of this film have announced plans to release it in batches at different times. And finally, this film has got a limited release by Focus Features in the United States on 2nd December 2022. The more excellent domestic theatrical release is on 9th December 2022. Meanwhile, audiences from other countries get to watch this film after a week, on 16th December 2022. 

Is Spoiler Alert Streaming or in Theaters?

Spoiler Alert has already hit theatres on 2nd December 2022 with a limited release by Focus Features. Meanwhile, the production has planned to make a more excellent domestic release from 9th December 2022. Along with that, the international audience other than the United States must keep patience a bit longer! They can watch this film in theatres from 16th December 2022. 

Are you also planning to stream this online? Unfortunately, you won’t find any streaming options available right now! But soon, things will change, and different online streaming platforms will indeed feature this American film!

When Will Spoiler Alert Be Available For Streaming?

How To Watch Spoiler Alert?

Currently, not a single online streaming platform ends up having a deal with the Spoiler Alert production. No official announcements are out there, either! 

However, you can only rely on Peacock to stream this film in recent times! Other platforms, such as Netflix, might also feature this drama comedy film! 

How to Watch Spoiler Alert Online?

As Focus Features distribute this film, you’ll soon get the good news to stream it on the online platform- Peacock. This platform is run by NBC Universal, which also belongs to Universal Pictures. 

Our strong guess is Spoiler Alert will presumably first have a Video on demand release on Peacock soon. As the dates still need to be specified, you must wait a bit more! But for now, get a monthly or annual subscription to Peacock, bookmark the Peacock page, and check out the updates often.

Where to Watch Spoiler Alert Online?

How To Watch Spoiler Alert?

Bad luck for you prolongs! No online streaming platforms are available right now that plan to stream Spoiler Alert. In the meantime, Spoiler Alert’s distributor is representing Universal Pictures. 

Higher chances are there to get this film stream on Peacock, also a part of the Universal family! The subscription plan of $4.99 per month is required to access all of the premium content on Peacock, including freshly-baked TV series and films.

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Is Spoiler Alert Available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, not yet! This Drama/Comedy film from Focus Features shows fewer chances to get featured on Netflix. However, bringing it to stream on this giant streaming platform is possible. 

For now, head out to your nearby theatres and enjoy this Drama/Comedy film. You can also watch Through My Window (2022), Army of Thieves (2021), and Doctor G (2022)!

Is Spoiler Alert Available on HBO Max?

No chances to find Spoiler Alert on HBO Max as this film doesn’t belong to the Warner Bros production. However, HBO Max in the past had featured some exciting non-Warner Bros films, which were released here after the theatrical release. 

So, if there’s any deal between HBO Max and the production company of Spoiler Alert that comes further, you’ll be streaming Spoiler Alert on this online streaming giant. In the meantime, you can watch Le Divorce (2003), (500) Days of Summer (2009), A Thousand Words (2012), and Something Borrowed (2011) on HBO Max for now!

Is Spoiler Alert Available on Hulu?

Subscribers from Hulu want this film to stream here. But the bad news is, no sooner, Spoiler Alert will be available on Hulu to stream. But you can continuously stream other drama comedy genre films such as Difficult People (2017), Casual (2015), and Happy Endings (2011) on Hulu.

Is Spoiler Alert Available on Disney+?

Spoiler Alert is unavailable to stream on Disney+ as it’s not a Disney Production film. In the meantime, go to the Disney+ platform and watch countless drama comedy films and TV series such as West Side Story (2021), Fire Island (2022), Only Murders in the Building (2021), and The Bob’s Burgers Movie (2022).

Casts of Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert, directed by Michael Showalter, features an exciting bunch of artists, including Jim Parsons stars in the critical role! This excellent actor made you laugh with his Sheldon Cooper role in The Big Bang Theory (2007), right? Parsons’ on-screen co-cast Ben Aldridge (Kit Cowan) is another excellent casting pick. 

Also, you’ll see Josh Pais (Scott), Allegra Heart (Franny), Jeffery Self (Nick), Braxton Fannin (Michael’s Sitcom Older Brother), Brody Caines (Sitcom Young Michael), Tara Summers (Mrs Ausiello), Corey Saucier (Dr Underwood), Megan Irminger (Nurse Angelique) and a lot of others! 

What Is Spoiler Alert About?

From the looks of the trailer, we have seen Jim Parsons (Michael Ausiello) and Ben Aldridge (Manhattan photographer Kit Cowan) meet at a party. They fell in love, which led to a beautiful relationship, although they had quirks and differences. 

Spoiler Alert based on Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies, an actual event that especially retells the story of Cowan’s final eleven months, from his hardship against terminal cancer to his death until his death.

The narrator- Michael Ausiello, will take you through their desired couple moments. From their deep talks to even having awkward hook-up scenarios, every tiny part didn’t even get ignored by Michael Showalter’s directorial.

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