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Santiago of the Seas is an American computer-animated children’s television series created by Niki Lopez, Leslie Valdes, and Valerie Walsh Valdes that premiered on Nickelodeon on October 9, 2020. On February 18, 2021, the series was renewed for a second season, which premiered on January 7, 2022.

Santiago of the Seas is an interactive-action-adventure CGI animated television series created by Niki López, Leslie Valdes, and Valerie Walsh Valdes. Santiago’s (Kevin Chacon) steadfast and loyal crew consists of Tomás (Justice Quiroz), his clumsy energetic cousin whose magical guitar can be used to harness the wind; and Lorelai (Alyssa Cheatham), a knowledgeable mermaid who can speak to sea creatures and transform into a young human girl.

Together, Santi and his best mates sail the seas on the majestic ship El Bravo, using their smarts, pirate skills, and moral compasses to guard their home of Isla Encanto against villains like the nefarious pirate Bonnie Bones (Kyndra Sanchez) and her Palm Crow sidekick Sir Butterscotch (John Leguizamo).

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The Creators and Makers of the animated series:

Creating an interactive-action-adventure CGI animated television series; Santiago of the Seas is not an easy task to conduct for a team let alone a person doing that single-handedly. The talented team who made it all possible starting from the executive producers involved in the back or shall we say production of the series is mentioned below:

The respected Executive producers were; Leslie Valdes from 2020–21, Valerie Walsh Valdes from 2020–21, Dave Palmer from 2020–21, Niki Lopez, and Tony Gama-Lobo were the last to join the production of the series in 2022. The running time of the series was selected to be 22 minutes. Moreover, the production companies playing the most important role in the area of production for this series to be produced are Walsh Valdés Productions only for season 1 and Nickelodeon Animation Studio.

Is Santiago the main character a boy or a pirate?

As a civilian

Santiago is a Latino boy with tan skin, wavy brown hair, thick eyebrows, hazel eyes, and small freckles. He wears a blue t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, red and darker red-striped pants that stop at his ankles, and black boots. He also wears a golden amulet and bracelets on his right wrist.

As a pirate

He wears an open red waistcoat with gold trim, a white shirt, a yellow sash, blue pants, a brown belt with a single pouch and gold trim, brown fingerless gloves with a single blue band on his right wrist that has golden trim, and brown knee-length boots with gold trim. He also wears a blue pirate hat with gold trim.

Santiago of the Seas, character Analysis:

He is brave and kind-hearted. As the leader of the group, he is willing to help those in need and has a strong heart. He likes having adventures with his friends. The character has many abilities and expertise that are displayed in the series over the period, these include; Enhanced Jumping; you’ll see him almost jumping into the sky. He might be just a boy in the series but he is shown as a master in Acrobatics.

Moreover, in the series “Santiago of the Sea”, Santiago Montes’s character is displayed not only as a master strategist but also to be an expert Tactician, a skilled Spy, a boy with a high level of Intelligence and expertise in swordsmanship and above all he has true leadership qualities too.

Characters in the series “Santiago of the Seas”:

The main characters included in this series are:

  • Santiago Montes, who is voiced by Kevin Chacon in season one, and by Valentino Cortes in season two
  • Tomás who is voiced by Justice Quiroz
  • Lorelai who is voiced by Alyssa Cheatham

The series has a total of 2 seasons and the 3rd set to release episode by episode too, in this we see an array of villains changing over time. The list of villains seen up till now in the series are:

  • Bonnie Bones, this character has been voiced by Kyndra Sanchez
  • Sir Butterscotch, this character has been voiced by John Leguizamo in season one, and by Eric Lopez in season two
  • Pepito, this character has been given the voice of Robin de Jesús

Season 3; A question mark?

The release date of season 3 of the “Santiago of the Seas” is yet to be announced by Nickelodeon. Fans query is whether season 3 has been canceled, but that can only be confirmed by Nickelodeon the producer of the animated TV series.

‘Santiago of the Seas’ TV SERIES REVIEW:

The best pirates are always up for a sea-fearing adventure. Just ask Santiago, Tomas, and Lorelai. Together, these three sailors work alongside one another to protect the people, places, and creatures they love.

With a sprinkle of magic, Santiago’s ship, El Bravo, mutates into a mystical vessel. A stroke of cousin Tomas’ guitar harnesses the wind. And a simple Spanish phrase is all Lorelai needs to transform into a mermaid.

Using their sea smarts, these special shipmates do whatever it takes to protect their beloved, Caribbean hometown, Isla Encanto, from pesky enemy pirates. And they do it all with a smile on their face and a solid moral compass.

Santiago of the Seas | Full-Length Trailer

Santiago of the Seas | Full-Length Trailer | STARTS NOV 2ND on Nick Jr. UK

NICK JR. GOES ABROAD! Why? You know now!

Santiago of the Seas sailed onto Nick Jr. in the fall of 2020 with a TV-Y rating and a handful of educational components. 

Each episode is divided into two, 12-minute parts where kids learn the value of teamwork, honesty, and kindness. They also learn about the parts of a sailboat and some facts related to marine biology. Oh, and they get to learn Spanish. It’s sort of like Dora the Explorer, just on the ocean.

A few “nefarious” pirates make some silly exclamations and sport the occasional bad attitude. But Santiago, Tomas, and Lorelai show young viewers that these things aren’t right. And that good pirates work together and always do what’s right.

Don’t know where to watch it?

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