Poker Face Movie: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Everything We Know

‘Poker Face Movie’ is a mystery and thriller-based film directed by Russell Crowe, which hit theaters on 16th November! 

What if you are planning to stream this film online? We will show you where and how to watch this mysterious film online!

Poker Face Movie Release date

Poker Face Movie was included at Italy’s 17th Rome Film Festival as its first world premiere on 16th October 2022. Then, a limited release was announced on 16th November, followed by a theatrical release on 22nd November all over the US. And finally, the Poker Face Movie was scheduled to release online on 22nd November 2022 on digital platforms. 

Poker Face Movie: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Everything We Know

Is Poker Face Movie Streaming or in Theaters?

Yes, both are now available to watch Poker Face Movie. This film dropped on 16th November at theaters. In the meantime, you can stream this from 22nd November on the digital platforms. Vudu, Apple TV, and Redbox are the streaming options that you can explore. Buy any subscription plan to run streaming.

When Will It Be Available For Streaming?

Good news for you! Poker Face Movie, directed by Russell Crowe, is already available in your nearest theaters and on digital platforms such as Vudu, Apple TV, and Redbox! 

How to Watch Poker Face Movies Online?

Russell Crowe’s fresh-baked- Poker Face is available in selected theaters. Get straight to the official website of Poker Face Movie to check out the theatrical schedule and all. Book a ticket there, or you can stream this film online too. It would be best if you had a Vudu, Apple TV, and Redbox subscription. 

Different streaming platforms come with a variety of subscription plans. Apple TV starts with a $6.99/month plan. You will get a 7-days free trial here! Interestingly, Redbox allows an On Demand feature so that you can buy, stream or even rent any particular movie. Vudu is similar to Apple TV, with no monthly subscription fee.

Where to Watch Poker Face Movie Online?

You already know Vudu, Apple TV, and Redbox hold the streaming rights to Poker Face Movie. To stream Poker Face, you need to buy a specific subscription plan for any of these streaming sites. 

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Is Poker Face Available on Netflix

Unfortunately, this film is unavailable on Netflix, the leading subscription-based streaming platform right now! But we never know; Netflix might be acquiring the streaming rights of Poker Face soon. 

Movies like Dog Eat Dog (2016), Hotel Mumbai (2018), and Escape From Pretoria (2020), produced by the same production company- Arclight films PTY ltd, are already available to watch on Netflix. Then, why not the Poker Face Movie features on this platform? So, hold on, high possibilities of watching Poker Face on Netflix are in the future! 

However, you can go and stream other great thriller & mystery films right now on Netflix. We suggest you check out The Bad Guys, Falling for Christmas, Enola Holmes 2, The Wonder, Where the Crawdads Sing, etc., trendy Netflix films. 

Is Poker Face Available on HBO Max

Poker Face is unavailable on HBO Max right now. Disappointing news for you as an HBO Max subscriber, isn’t it? HBO Max features mostly films by Warner Bros production. However, we recommend you stream films like The Batman (2022), The Last Duel (2021), Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), and The Witch (2015) on HBO Max.

Is Poker Face Available on Hulu

Hulu has yet to announce Poker Face adding to its massive collection. As a Hulu subscriber, you must find Poker Face on other leading platforms! But credit goes to Hulu’s fantastic collection of movies with all genres! 

Go and watch How High (2001), Don’t Worry Darling (2022), Life (2017), Confess, Fletch (2022), and Neighbors (2014), featured in the most popular category right now on Hulu. 

Is Poker Face Available on Disney+

Sorry to say that Poker Face will never be streaming on Disney+. This Thriller & Mystery genre-based film is a Universal movie. Not a Disney movie whatsoever. 

Streaming some notable Disney-produced films like Beauty And The Beast, Beauty And The Beast and a lot more here!

Casts of Poker Face

Many well-known faces dot the forthcoming thriller & mystery film, including Russell Crowe (Jake Foley), Elsa Pataky (Penelope), Liam Hemsworth (Michael Nankervis), and RZA (Andrew Johnson). 

A lot more faces like Daniel MacPherson (Sam Levine), Matt Nable (Billy), and Lynn Gilmartin (Allison Foley) have made their appearance in this film too.

What Is Poker Face About?

The plot starts based on a tech billionaire- Jake Foley, who throws a high-stakes poker game cum party. And he gathers his childhood friends to take revenge on those who betray him every time. 

The participation rule is simple- players have to unfold their darkest secrets! Eventually, things get messed up once a dangerous killer invades the billionaire’s mansion. What’s going to happen, then? How does the night end? I can’t help for now! Go and watch Poker Face in the theater or stream online.

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