My Necromancer Class Novel | A thrilling Tale of Magic with a Plot full of unexpected Twists and Turns

“My Necromancer Class Novel” is a thrilling tale of magic, betrayal, and sacrifice that follows the journey of Kira, a young woman with a passion for necromancy. The novel takes readers on a journey through a fantastical world filled with powerful magic, dangerous creatures, and complex characters.

My Necromancer Class Novel

As Kira navigates the challenges of becoming a skilled necromancer, she discovers the true cost of power and the lengths some will go to wield it. With a cast of dynamic characters and a plot full of unexpected twists and turns, “My Necromancer Class Novel” is an epic adventure that will leave readers spellbound from beginning to end.

The Plot of My Necromancer Class Novel:

The “My Necromancer Class Novel” is divided into twenty chapters, each of which tells a different part of the story. 

The Beginning of My Necromancer Class Novel:

The story begins with Kira, the protagonist, showing up at the necromancer’s group’s entry. Even though she has always been fascinated to magic, her family is against her ambitions. Kira, who is adamant about following her ambitions, finds the guild and is accepted as Alistair’s student. Kira starts working out seriously. She gains knowledge of the various varieties of dead and the spells that can be employed to produce them. Kira learns from Alistair about the rites necessary to raise the dead, and she also learns about the great power that necromancers possess.

Kira is accused of stealing from the guild, which causes her training to be delayed. She claims to be innocent, but the odds are against her. She is kicked out of the guild because Alistair thinks she is guilty. Kira, who is devastated, sets out on her own to clear her name and establish her innocence. Kira sets out on a mission to identify the true thief and exonerate herself. She encounters a group of adventurers who are also looking for a potent item along the route. They get together and engage in a number of conflicts and challenges as a team.

My Necromancer Class Novel

The relic Kira and her friends have been looking for is finally discovered, but a strong undead creature is guarding it. The beast is destroyed and the artifact is recovered by Kira using her necromantic abilities. Kira and her companions are attacked by a bunch of necromancers as they attempt to return to civilization. One of them is Alistair, who admits that he planned the guild theft in an effort to persuade Kira to locate the artifact on his behalf. Although the betrayal has crushed Kira, she understands that she must prevent Alistair from utilizing the relic for his own evil ends.

Final Showdown:

In a decisive encounter, Kira and Alistair head off. In order to overcome Alistair and stop him from destroying the planet, Kira uses all of her abilities. Kira ultimately decides to start again and leave the life of a necromancer behind, but she is aware that the knowledge she obtained and the abilities she attained will stay with her always.

In an effort to begin a new life, Kira returns to the village where she was raised. She rapidly understands, though, that her choices have far-reaching effects. She is feared by the populace, and stories and whispers follow her everywhere. Kira finds it difficult to accept the idea that she is now viewed as an outcast in her own neighborhood.

Intermission of My Necromancer Class Novel:

The council of mages calls Kira to appear before them so they can question her about her role in the actions that brought Alistair to his death. Kira is anxious but adamant that she will reveal the truth, even if it implicates her. She appears before the council and provides them with truthful responses, winning their respect and confidence.

Kira’s family reaches out to her and makes an effort to patch things up after earlier rejecting her due to her interest in necromancy. Kira struggles between wanting to get in touch with her family and worrying that they won’t ever accept her for who she is.

My Necromancer Class Novel

Lila, a young lady Kira meets, shares her interest in necromancy. Lila is taken under Kira’s wing because she recognizes a part of herself in her and wants to learn from her faults as much as from Kira. One of Kira’s former friends sends her a note informing her that the relic they recovered is now causing issues once more. Kira unwillingly decides to go back to her life as an explorer and proceeds to handle the situation.

The Climax of My Necromancer Class Novel:

Kira learns that the relic is subject to a curse that makes everyone who owns it gradually lose their sanity. Before it’s too late, Kira understands that she must discover a means to reverse the curse. Kira spends weeks doing research and testing various theories in an effort to end the curse. She eventually finds a ritual that works, but she also learns that it necessitates a sacrifice. Between her ambition to preserve the world and her reluctance to end a life, Kira struggles.

In the end, Kira chooses to carry out the sacrifice herself because she is aware that it is the only way to lift the curse. She carries out the ritual and dies, but the world is saved and the curse is lifted.  Everybody who knew Kira cherished their memories of her sacrifice. She is honored as a hero who sacrificed her life to save others, and her legacy endures. Lila assumes the role of the necromancer after studying under Kira. She is adamant about carrying on Kira’s heritage and harnessing her abilities for good.

My Necromancer Class Novel

A campaign against Lila and her supporters is launched by a group of necromancers who feel that Kira’s activities have damaged the prestige of their profession. To defend themselves and demonstrate that necromancy may be used for good, Lila and her allies must engage in combat. Lila and her allies triumph, demonstrating the usefulness of necromancy and the continued existence of Kira’s legacy. As the book comes to a close, Lila continues Kira’s work and uses her powers to help those in need. The world is a better place because of Kira’s sacrifice, and her legacy lives on through Lila and all those who follow in her footsteps.

Characters of My Necromancer Class Novel:

Here’s a brief overview of some of the main characters in my necromancer class novel:

Kira | The Protagonist:

Kira, the story’s protagonist, is a young woman who, in spite of the opposition of her family, is determined to become a great necromancer. Alistair, a formidable necromancer, takes her on as an apprentice, but she is later dismissed from the guild after being accused of stealing. Kira sets off on a mission to clear her identity and ends up saving the world as a hero.


A strong necromancer who hires Kira as his pupil. Later, it is discovered that Alistair was the mastermind behind the guild theft and is attempting to use Kira to recover a potent artifact for his own evil goals.


Later in the novel, a young woman interested in necromancy encounters Kira. Lila is taken under Kira’s wing and teaches her what she knows. After Kira’s death, Lila takes up the mantle of the necromancer and continues Kira’s legacy.

Kira’s Companions:

a band of explorers who assist Kira in her mission to clear her name and get the item. A proficient fighter, a rogue, and a magician are among them.

My Necromancer Class Novel |

Council of Mages:

The world’s regulating body for those who utilize magic. To ask Kira about her role in the occasions that resulted in Alistair’s demise, they summon her.

Kira’s Family:

Her interest in necromancy was disapproved of by her family, who abandoned her. After her bravery in saving the planet, they subsequently make an effort to make amends with her.

The group of Necromancers:

A group that disagrees with Kira’s conduct and considers necromancy to be a perverse and wicked profession. They start an offensive against Lila and her supporters, but they lose.

Reviews of My Necromancer Class Novel:

On web novels some of the people shared their kind and genuine reviews, some of the best reviews are here;

Review no. 1: This story is one of the best necromancer stories I’ve read so far sadly I dropped it a while back so right now I’m hoping to pick it back up and enjoy it from the beginning and see how Jay grows stronger

Review no. 2: Love the concept and don’t see necromancer books too much so in glad someone doing it right. The Mc isn’t some Bumbling hero idiot but he’s not evil(yet?). Like The speed, the story is progressing and hopefully, we can see some cool summons in the future. This is my first review so obviously not as descriptive as some may like but as long as the author keeps a good pace up for the chapters this could become one of my favorites.

Review no. 3: A great book in general. great grammar and storytelling. plus the main character isn’t all that bad. he’s intelligent but not a know-it, and he’s got a consistent personality. it’s a little rough in the beginning but once you get past chapter five you’ll be hooked. a great read. just wish I could have more chapters.

Final Words:

A tale about power, betrayal, forgiveness, and sacrifice is told in The Necromancer Class Novel. The protagonist Kira’s journey demonstrates the effects of ambition, the value of friendship, and the ultimate price of heroism. Lila and her friends are carrying on Kira’s legacy, showing that magic, including necromancy, may be utilized for good or evil depending on the person’s intentions.

We are left with a sense of hope by the book because we know that there are still people who will stand up for what is just and right in a world full of darkness and evil. The Necromancer Class Book serves as a reminder that sometimes, making a sacrifice for the greater good rather than winning a battle, becomes the greatest act of heroism.

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What gender is for Necromancer?

The Necromancer is female. Also, She is the protagonist of this novel.

Who can beat Necromancer?

The Occultist, the Houndmaster in particular, can Stun the Necromancer fairly well, but other characters can also Stun him if equipped with the right trinkets.

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Do necromancers sleep?

The secret to life and death is necromancy. Once you know the secret, you’ll never need to eat, drink, or sleep, because you’ll never get tired, exhausted, or hungry, and you’ll live forever. Although they do need to breathe, unlike vampires.

Are necromancers immortal?

Immortality – Their pact with death makes them Immortal. Flight – They can levitate and fly under their own mystical power.

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