Everything You Need to Know About “Missing (2023)” Movie


The upcoming American computer screen suspense movie “Missing (2023)” is directed and written by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson (making their directorial debuts) and adapted from a screenplay by Sev Ohanian and Aneesh Chaganty. It is an independent follow-up to the 2018 movie “Searching.”

This mystery and thriller genre movie is highly anticipated by the audience of the success of the previous film, “Searching (2018)”. People are excited to watch this sequel, “Missing,” because “Searching” was a masterclass in visual storytelling; it had great twists and turns to thrill the audience perfectly. So, everyone is expecting this sequel to recapture the magic again in “Missing.” What do you think? Will “Missing (2023)” be able to live up to the expectations prevailed by “Searching (2018)”? Let’s wait until it appears in the movies.

Everything You Need to Know About “Missing (2023)” Movie
Everything You Need to Know About “Missing (2023)” Movie

When is the “Missing (2023)” movie release date? 

On January 20, 2023, Sony Pictures Releasing, operating under the Screen Gems label, is scheduled to distribute the movie “Missing (2023)” in theaters.

Is the “Missing (2023)” movie streaming or in theaters?

There is no announcement of release in any OTT platform yet. Initially, this movie is going to be seen only in the theater. Later on, it will be available on different streaming sites. So, be prepared to enjoy this thriller in the cinemas and book your and your family members’ tickets.

Is “Missing (2023)” available on Netflix?

For those who don’t know, Sony and Netflix struck a historic agreement in April 2021 to make Sony’s feature films available on the site within the coveted pay-1 window. This implies that theatrical releases from Sony arrive on Netflix about six months after they hit theaters.
Indeed, you have to wait a bit! I hope this one does not take much time to arrive. Usually, it takes around 45 days to be available on any streaming site. So, let’s see!

Is “Missing (2023)” available on HBO Max?

Sadly, No!
Since Warner Brothers do not produce “Missing,” it is unavailable on HBO Max. Therefore, they cannot release this movie on their streaming platform. Films that Warner Brothers does not create must come a long way before being shown on HBO Max.
There is no need to hold out during such an uncertain period! Other well-known streaming websites include where you may watch Missing. HBO Max, on the other hand, is a fantastic selection for seeing entertaining thrillers based on real emotions. Before watching this movie, we suggest viewing “Searching (2013) “first!

Is “Missing (2023)” available on Hulu?

Unfortunately, streaming “Missing” online requires you to wait for its theatrical release.
A significant multi-year content licensing agreement between Disney and Sony Pictures has been reached for the U.S. streaming and TV rights to Sony Pictures’ new theatrical releases across the entirety of Disney’s broad platform portfolio, including its VoD services, Disney+, and Hulu. Disney+ is the parent organization of Hulu. In light of that agreement, we can wait for a few days and might get to watch the film on this platform soon enough.

Is “Missing (2023)” available on Disney+?

The licensing deal between Sony Pictures and Disney+ states that it will just take a few days to stream this fantastic thriller movie online. You’d better wait patiently until then or watch another thriller on this streaming platform.

What is the “Missing (2023)” movie about?

Missing, a suspenseful mystery written by the same authors as Searching (2018), will have you questioning how well you know the people closest to you. The search for answers by June (Storm Reid) when her mother (Nia Long) vanishes while on vacation in Colombia with her new lover is hampered by international bureaucracy. While stranded in Los Angeles thousands of miles away, June ingeniously makes use of every piece of cutting-edge technology to try to locate her before it’s too late. When June uncovers mysteries about her mother, she learns she doesn’t honestly know her. As she continues to investigate, her digital investigation generates more questions than it answers.
It will definitely be a roller coaster ride of emotion and thrill. So, get ready, peeps.

Who stars in “Missing (2023)”: Cast List

This comedy movie features Storm Reid as the lead, who appeared in a few famous shows like Euphoria, 12 Years a Slave, etc. she is famous for her role in Euphoria, and people are eagerly waiting to see how this one goes. So, the cast starring in this film are as follows:
1. Storm Reid as June Allen
2. Nia Long as Grace Allen
3. Ken Leung as Kevin Lin, Grace’s new boyfriend
4. Daniel Henney as Elijah Park
5. Joaquim de Almeida as Javier Ramos
6. Tim Griffin
7. Amy Landecker
8. ssMichael Segovia as Angel

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