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I have awakened the deduction system

I have awakened the deduction system

Welcome to the “I Have Awakened the Deduction System” thrilling world! Be ready to set out on an exhilarating journey of reinvention, exploration, and adventure. This novel has 374 Chapters. He Chuan, the protagonist of this tale, must manage the chances and difficulties presented by the reincarnation system.

He Chuan sets out to obtain the greatest evaluation score possible by unearthing corruption, exposing wrongdoing, and assisting individuals who have been subjected to unfair treatment with a greater awareness of the four pillars of reincarnation laws. He meets other reincarnates along the road who have similar objectives to his own and face comparable challenges, which makes for an exciting and compelling plot. Join us as we investigate the reincarnation system’s mysteries and see He Chuan’s pursuit of justice and personal development.

The Plot or Summary of I Have Awakened the Deduction System:

He Chuan, the main character in this story, finds out that there is a potential threat to the stability of the world as he continues to explore the realm of rebirth. Many people have few opportunities to raise their evaluation scores since the world’s wealthy and influential people have been covertly stockpiling resources and using their influence to manipulate the reincarnation system.

He Chuan is aware that the current system needs to be changed because it has flaws. To expose corruption and bring justice to individuals who have been treated unfairly, he starts his investigation and evidence collection. He encounters other reincarnates along the journey who support his cause and hold similar ideals to his own. The people who profit from the current system, however, oppose their efforts. On their quest to learn the truth and effect change, they encounter dangers and difficulties. He Chuan must outsmart his adversaries and defend himself and his teammates by employing his temporary capabilities and deductive abilities.

He Chuan and his supporters understand that the threat to the reincarnation system is more serious than they previously believed as they draw nearer to revealing the truth. They uncover a clandestine organization of influential people who want to rule not just the world’s reincarnation system but also the entire planet. In order to stop this group’s nefarious schemes and save the planet, they must unite and battle against them.

He Chuan and his supporters are ultimately successful in exposing the wrongdoing and eliminating the covert organization. Everyone has an equal chance to raise their assessment score thanks to the reform of the reincarnation mechanism. He Chuan understands that his goal in life was to help people and improve the world, not just to raise his own grade.

Navigating the Challenges of Reincarnation: Using Temporary Talents and Keeping Identity Secret:

He Chuan arrived at the Reincarnation Planet as the deduction system came to life for him. He was resolved to make the most of his new life, so he soon grasped the four cornerstones of the reincarnation laws. He made the decision to enter the Reincarnation World, where he rapidly discovered that time moved in a different way.

He was aware that the 168 hours in the main world would remain constant, so he concentrated on making the most of his time there. He also understood that his evaluation would be impacted by any actions he took during his lifetime. He was aware that the more accolades he received and the more exciting his life was, the higher his assessment would be, and the rewards would be more lavish. 

He also discovered that he could make use of passing talents he had accumulated during his life. He knew he had to be careful not to lessen the challenge of his rebirth by carrying many temporary abilities without authorization, even if he could only employ one talent in his initial reincarnation. But the most important condition was that he was not allowed to tell anyone in the Reincarnation World that he was a reincarnate.

He was aware that in order to avoid any unfavorable effects, he had to maintain his secrecy. He Chuan started his new existence in the Reincarnation World with an awareness of these restrictions, eager to make the most of it and earn as many assessment points as he could. Knowing this would be the start of almost everything and that he had to succeed in this world before he could move on to the next.

The Author Take on I Have Awakened The Deduction System:

The boy Chuan was taught about global rebirth and their reason for existing in this world in the author’s account of Chuan’s story. The author briefly discussed Chuan’s character in the second chapter when he was dating a girl. He used to be respectful and calm in I Have Awakened The Deduction System, but the girl’s attitude was haughty and unambiguous. For this card, I will pay money. You miserable moron, it’s preferable for you to enjoy a few carefree days with them.

He Chuan gave it no attention at all. Without hesitation, he turned and walked towards the Reincarnation Square. This meant that He Chuan had to take action in order to increase his score. To qualify for B class, he needed to be worth at least a few hundred million dollars and belong to a particular social class. At this time when the deduction system has been awakened, it felt a little unrealistic. when someone graduated from college and turned 30. Because of this, he started experiencing headache symptoms. The implementation of this system was simple. The overall direction of everything might change as a result. The particular application was likewise simple.

Characters of I have Awakened the Deduction System:

Here are some of the key characters in “I Have Awakened the Deduction System”:

He Chuan | The Main Character:

He Chuan, the book’s main character, is a reincarnate who activates the deductive mechanism in the world of reincarnation. He’s determined to maximize his new existence, accumulates as many assessment points as he can, and maintain his anonymity as a reincarnate.

Ye Ling:

Ye Ling is a friend of He Chuan in the Reincarnation World and is a fellow reincarnate. Ye Ling is compassionate and helpful, but she also has a competitive nature when it comes to earning points for assessments.

Liu Zhi:

Liu Zhi is a well-known, very influential, and widely feared character in the Reincarnation Realm. He is a significant opponent in the book and is renowned for being crafty and vicious.

Lin Xue:

He Chuan falls in love with Lin Xue, a young woman he encounters in the Reincarnation World. She is thoughtful and caring, and throughout the book, she serves as He Chuan’s support system.

Master Wu:

Master Wu is a knowledgeable and patient teacher who mentors He Chuan and aids in the growth of his reasoning skills. He has the esteem of many in the Reincarnation World and plays a crucial role in He Chuan’s growth and development.

Li Wei:

Another rival of He Chuan competes with him for assessment points. Li Wei is arrogant and selfish and is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead, even if it means betraying others.


The important reviews by anonymous people:

“It has the same idea as ‘Worldwide Simulation Era’ but ‘I Have Awakened The Deduction System’ is more restrained, it’s not as exaggerated as the ‘first’ one, the ‘first’ one has a lot of immortality cultivation, and a lot of Chinese stuff, it even has a little of prejudice from other countries (spoiler – in the ‘first’ mc world there was a war, and china conquered the planet), and ‘second’, I only read up to chapter 20, and according to the synopsis, it has genetics, martial arts, the world of fantasy.”

“Way better than world wide simulation era”

“The plot is fine and all and it started well but as soon as the first reincarnation ended it got worst, while the idea was still there the story focuses more on nerfing the mc. He can literally deduce anything he knows and from the first world is a large amount of knowledge. Anyway, the only part that made me lose interest is the part where the mc stopped thinking. I’d understand if he wanted to get a challenge but in the second incarnation you would understand what I meant”

Final Words:

He Chuan, the protagonist of I Have Awakened The Deduction System, discovers a potential danger to the stability of the world while investigating the world of rebirth. In order to expose corruption and bring justice to individuals who have been treated unfairly, he decides to conduct an investigation and gather evidence. He meets other reincarnates along the journey who share his purpose and goals. They must utilize their logical thinking skills and temporary capabilities to outsmart their opponents and defend themselves because they are up against people who stand to gain from the current system.

They discover a covert group of powerful individuals who seek to govern the global reincarnation system as well as the entire globe. Together, He Chuan and his followers fight them off, successfully exposing the wrongdoing and reforming the reincarnation mechanism to give everyone an equal chance to raise their assessment score. He Chuan’s story also explores the challenges of reincarnation, using temporary talents, and maintaining secrecy about their true identity. Also, read about Vengeance From a Saint Full of Wounds Spoilers

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