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I don’t want to be Loved Spoilers | Beware of the Most Intimidating Spoilers!! Trigger Warning

I don't want to be loved spoiler

I don't want to be loved spoiler

We follow the story of Rihannan Alessin in “I Don’t Want to Be Loved Spoilers,” a queen who is granted a second chance at life after ingesting poison out of desperation. Rihannan decides to become Arundell’s queen and defend her power and her people at all means after gaining a newfound appreciation for life.

Rihannan’s complicated relationships and complicated past start to come to light as the narrative progresses, taking her on a journey of love, redemption, and sacrifice. This novel tells an engrossing and moving story about a woman’s struggle to find love and authority as well as the obstacles she faces along the way. Let’s dig more into the I don’t want to be loved spoilers and plot.

The Plot of I Don’t Want to Be Loved:

The captivating book “I Don’t Want to Be Loved” tells the tale of Rihannan Alessin, a queen who had given up hope and was rotting in jail. After ingesting poison, she awakens up in a different time period, this time at the age of twelve. She decides to conduct her life differently because she views this as a second chance.

Six years later, Rihannan makes the life-altering choice to rule as queen of Arundell. Knowing how their relationship ended in her previous life, Rihannan is reluctant to accept her husband’s proposal when he makes it to her. She finally consents, but just as long as they get a divorce after a year of marriage.

Rihannan discovers that her husband is not the same man she knew before as they start their married life. She tries to resist falling in love with him once more, but her heart continues betraying her, and she struggles to control her feelings.

Rihannan picks up insightful teachings about life, love, and forgiveness throughout the course of the narrative. She learns that things don’t always go as expected and that she must develop her ability to adapt to different circumstances. She also gains an understanding of the value of trust and communication in a partnership.

I don’t want to be Loved Spoilers | I dare you not to Read: 

Readers will become engrossed in Rihannan’s quest for self-awareness and love after finishing “I Don’t Want to be Loved,” which is a compelling story. Lets find out the Spoiler

In the later part of the story, it is revealed that Rihannan’s husband, Arundell, had actually been in love with her since they were children. This realization deepens their bond and causes Rihannan to question her decision to divorce him after a year of marriage. However, their happiness is short-lived as they face numerous challenges and threats to their reign. Duke Frederick, a powerful nobleman, tries to take over the kingdom and even kidnaps Rihannan at one point.

Despite these challenges, Rihanna and Arundell manage to overcome them and maintain their hold on the throne. However, they decide to step down and pass the crown to their son, who they believe will be a better ruler. The novel ends on a bittersweet note, as Rihannan reflects on her journey and the sacrifices she had to make to secure her power and protect those she loved.

Characters | I don’t want to be loved spoiler:

Each character in “I Don’t Want to be Loved” plays a crucial role in the story and adds depth and complexity to the plot. Through their interactions with Rihannan, readers gain insight into the challenges of ruling a kingdom and the complexities of human relationships.

Rihannan Alessin:

Former queen Rihannan, who serves as the narrative’s main character, was imprisoned after having abandoned all hope. She chooses to rule Arundell after being granted a second chance at life. She is a strong, independent woman who finds it difficult to trust people because of her previous experiences. But as she starts her new life, she discovers how to let people in and learns to be more accessible.


The king of Arundell and Rihannan’s spouse. He has a troubled background and is a complex character. He asks Rihannan to marry him on the understanding that they will separate after a year of marriage. He gradually reveals a distinct side of himself to Rihannan, and they grow close. 

Queen Mother:

She is the mother of Arundell and a wise and experienced queen who gives Rihannan guidance on how to govern the realm. She is kind to Rihannan, wants to see her thrive as queen, and supports Rihannan.


He assists her in adjusting to her new existence as a 12-year-old because he was Rihannan’s childhood friend. He is a dependable and devoted companion who is always there for Rihannan.

Lady Gwyneth:

A noblewoman who harbors resentment towards Rihannan’s reign as queen. She is resolved to see Rihannan fail and uses every chance to try to bring her down.

Duke Frederick:

A strong nobleman with his eyes on the crown. He is crafty and devious, and he won’t stop until his objectives are met, even if it means harming other people.

Additional Information About I Don’t Want to Be Loved Spoilers:

TitleI don’t want to be Loved Spoilers
TypeWeb Novel
GenreAdult, Drama, Fantasy, Josei, Romance, Smut, Tragedy
Artist(s)Ruck, 러기, 럭
No. of Chapters228 

Final Words | I Don’t Want to be Loved Spoilers:

In the beautifully written novel “I Don’t Want to Be Loved Spoilers,” the reader is taken on an emotional journey through the life of a queen who is adamant about preserving her throne and her subjects.

This book is a must-read for anyone who appreciates a well-written tale with well-rounded characters because of the complex relationships between the characters and the themes of love, redemption, and sacrifice. The story’s unexpected turns keep readers interested right up to the very end, and the book’s strong message about the worth of life and the significance of love will stick with them long after the last page has been turned.

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What is the storyline of I don’t want to be Loved?

I Don’t Want to Be Loved” is a book about Queen Rihannan Alessin, who wakes up in a different time period at the age of twelve after ingesting poison. The story follows Rihannan as she navigates her new life and eventually falls in love with her husband. Throughout the course of the narrative, Rihannan learns important lessons about life, love, and forgiveness, including the value of trust and communication in a partnership.

Who is the author of the I Don’t Want to be loved novel?

Starlight is the author of this novel.

How many chapters of the I don’t want to be loved novel?

This novel’s first chapter was released in 2019 and completed last year and has 228 chapters.

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