How To Watch Devotion?

J.D. Dillard’s directorial ‘Devotion’ is a true-event war drama film that retells the epic story of two brave US Navy pilots. 

J.D. Dillard previously directed a superhero action drama- Sleight, a horror film, Sweetheart, and many more, including TV series. But this time, he adopts the book Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice by Adam Makos and comes up with Devotion, representing a tale of courage and comradeship.

On November 23rd, this film hits theaters! Also, there are some updates regarding the online streaming of this film. We will help you with where and how to watch Devotion film online!

How To Watch Devotion?
How To Watch Devotion?

Devotion Release Date

Devotion hits movie theaters exclusively on November 23 all over the US, an exciting thanksgiving gift for all movie lovers! Meanwhile, Devotion premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12 this year. The excellent news is critics have praised this new war genre film from J. D. Dillard.

Is Devotion Streaming or in Theaters?

Devotion hits theaters all over the world on 23rd November. Meanwhile, having this film online is not available right now. It is expected to grab this online after an estimated 45 days. However, we can’t confirm this yet. 

But the deal between leading streaming platforms and Sony Pictures hints at getting this film online soon. Fingers crossed; maybe Sony Pictures is planning to bring Devotion to your digital doorstep at Christmas!

When Will Devotion Be Available For Streaming?

Good news for you! Devotion, a war action film based on a true story, is already available in your nearest theaters. Also, you can look for updates on Netflix, Hulu, etc., platforms. These streaming sites are planning to drop this film. But the only uncertain thing is we still don’t know the dates.

How to Watch Devotion Online?

How To Watch Devotion?
How To Watch Devotion?

J. D. Dillard’s freshly-baked- Devotion is now available in selected theaters. Go to the official website of Devotion to see the theater screening schedule. You can also check out the ticket availability of your desired theater. 

Book a ticket if you want! Too lazy to go? Then, you might have streaming options online soon. As of now, there is no official statement about streaming Devotion online. However, we recommend you wait a month to get this film in your ‘home’ theater! 

Various streaming platforms come with different subscription plans. Compare every streaming site and choose the cost-effective one! Try to get one site with vast collections of movies and TV shows. Until Devotion arrives there, you continue watching other superhit war action films!

Where to Watch Devotion Online?

Unfortunately, no streaming sites are available to get Devotion streaming online. Fewer leading streaming companies have already dealt with Devotion’s streaming rights, and that’s true. However, those deals didn’t bring out any streaming release statement yet. 

But look, we can help you with an educated guess! Most of the previous Walt Disney Studios films dropped on different streaming sites after at least 45 days of theatrical release. Roughly, you can catch them online within or after December 30, 2022! 

If that’s the case, why not wait for a period like this? Until then, keep taking updates on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc. Or you can always watch it out in theaters! 

Is Devotion Available on Netflix?

How To Watch Devotion?
How To Watch Devotion?

Good news for Netflix subscribers! Recently, Sony Pictures has come into a deal with Netflix. But yes, this film is still unavailable on this platform even though it successfully hit theaters already. Soon, you can stream Devotion right from your Netflix account. There is no official statement regarding the Netflix release of Devotion yet. 

However, it might not take long to come out on Netflix! Learned from previously dropped films on Netflix, this platform might take 120 days to 225 days to drop approximately after the film’s initial release. Till then, catch this film in your nearby theater!

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Is Devotion Available on HBO Max?

No! HBO Max doesn’t feature Devotion as Warner Bros does not produce this film. In the meantime, Warner Bros doesn’t allow releasing its films on HBO Max on the same day of theatrical release. 

And talking about films other than Warner Bros production? That’s a long way to get featured on HBO Max. No need to wait for such an uncertain period! You can go to other leading streaming sites to watch Devotion. 

However, HBO Max is an extraordinary library to stream war films based on historical events. We suggest you watch ‘The Tuskegee Airmen’ and ‘Black Hawk Down here!

Is Devotion Available on Hulu?

Yes, you can! However, you might wait longer to stream Devotion on the Hulu platform. But after all, thanks to the recent deal between Sony and Disney. As per the deal, this war action film- Devotion, will be up for Hulu once it’s screening on Netflix ends. 

More specifically, Netflix has the right of Devotion to stream for the first 18 months from the release date. Once the period is over, this Sony Picture film will be available on the Disney-owned streaming service- Hulu. 

Excited? Bet you are! However, you can choose other platforms if you catch this film now!

Is Devotion Available on Disney+?

Unfortunately, not yet! As a Disney+ user, you may have to look for other streaming sites to watch Devotion. This Sony-produced war action genre film is not a part of the Disney+ streaming collection officially. Previously, you got an idea of when Hulu will start streaming this film. Fingers crossed; hopefully, Disney+ might follow the path too! 

However, you can still enjoy exciting war action films on Disney+. We found ‘Operation Dumbo Drop‘ and ‘Red Tails available on Disney+, similar to Devotion!

Get a Disney+ monthly subscription at $7.99 or even $79.99 for a year and access unlimited entertainment.

Casts of Devotion

This American biographical war film features a lot of famous faces. The film comes with two core characters- Jonathan Majors as Jesse Brown

and Glen Powell as Tom Hudner- two naval officers. You’ll also get to see Daren Kagasoff (Bill Koenig), Joe Jonas(Marty Goode), Serinda Swan(Elizabeth Taylor), Nick Hargrove(Carol Mohring), Spencer Neville (Bo Lavery), Emily Brinks (French Woman), and other supporting roles.

What Is Devotion About?

Devotion, directed by J. D. Dillard, and written by Jake Crane and Jonathan Stewart, tells about the comradeship between two naval officers and unreal sacrifice during the Korean War. 

This film is based on a true story adapted from the book Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship and Sacrifice. Two officers from different racial and financial backgrounds meet each other at Strike Fighter Squadron 32. They show a great display of friendship above everything. 

Eventually, one of their aircraft got shot down over opponent lines during a significant incident. And the story goes on!

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