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Crazy princess Renia is a novel written by Asura Lin. The novel was first released in 2019 with Romance, Fantasy, and Drama in mind. The novel now has 5 volumes and + 1 side story [196 Chpaters].

The protagonist of “Crazy Princess Renia” is a young woman named Renia who, following the death of her previous life, is reincarnated as a princess in the mythical nation of Islandia. Renia’s existence at the palace is far from ideal, and her family and the courtiers frequently treat her badly. Due to her strange conduct and propensity for talking to herself, she is referred to as “crazy.”

Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler

Renia soon learns that she possesses a rare gift in Eslandia—the capacity to perceive people’s genuine emotions. She makes use of this power to expose the lies and secrets kept within the palace, including the true intentions of her family members and her fiancé’s betrayal.

Renia encounters a variety of difficulties as the plot develops, including assassination attempts, political intrigues, and attempts to have her falsely accused of crimes. In addition, she starts dating Tristan, a young man who ends up becoming her friend and supporter.

Ultimately, “Crazy Princess Renia spoiler ” is a narrative with lots of drama, romance, and fantasy themes, as well as many twists and turns. There might still be more surprises and story twists since the book is still being written and in this article, I have got some crazy princess Renia spoilers.

Summary of the Plot:

Princess Renia, who is renowned for her erratic and unexpected actions, needs to find a method to persuade her nation that she is worthy of being queen. Renia comes up with a risky strategy to negotiate peace when a neighboring country threatens war, but her unpredictable personality could make the scheme fail. Renia learns the true meaning of duty and how to make the most of her distinctive personality as she navigates the difficulties of reigning.


Princess Renia is a quirky and outspoken princess who doesn’t fit the mold set out by her royal family and court officials. She lives in her own universe. Even if it means risking her life, she is desperate to escape the tower where she is imprisoned and explore the outside world. She tries to steal a dragon’s eggs and attempt to jump off a cliff during one of her attempts to flee, but both of her attempts are unsuccessful. A necklace she is wearing with the initials K.A.T., which some people think stands for King Arthur’s Theory, draws attention from the audience and raises the possibility that she could be the next princess of Camelot.


After losing her country, Renia falls in love with the story’s hero, who helps her on her mission to take back her throne. Intermission. She develops emotional walls and doesn’t trust anyone around her, even her own family, as a result of the devastating event of losing her parents. She faces difficulties because of her erratic and peculiar behavior, and she finds it difficult to win her subjects’ respect and trust.

Crazy Princess Renia  SPOILER


Renia’s brother, in whom she had put her trust, betrays her and conspires against her, costing her her her position and the trust of the populace. She experiences severe depression and makes a second attempt at suicide by jumping off the tower, but the dragon saves her by plunging her into a volcano. In an epic struggle to reclaim her kingdom, Renia is aided by the hero and her devoted followers. Renia demonstrates her leadership skills and strength as she effectively vanquishes her adversaries and retakes her kingdom with the aid of her allies. In the epilogue, Renia discovers a new reason for living while also relearning how to love and trust.


The characters of crazy princess Renia Spoikler include;

Princess Renia:

Princess Renia is the most significant and fascinating character in this book. She is shown as an angel from heaven and is a highly lovely female with golden hair and stunning green eyes. She is the sole princess of the Fontiano Empire. She initially lives in a lavish palace with her parents. She was enjoying a lavish lifestyle with them. Nevertheless, when his parents pass away, everything for her changes. These events in her life fundamentally alter her behavior.

She started to act worse and was troubled by regretful thoughts of her past. These traumatic memories caused her to lose her mental balance. She began punishing innocent people and ignoring reality as a result. Yet all of a sudden she understands that she is bothering her subjects. She begins to doubt herself as a result of this perplexed mood. Then, as it would generally be, some people are standing beside her and some are standing opposed to her.

Renia is evidently a really compassionate person at heart. Merlina is the name of her younger sister. She usually takes the lead throughout the examinations and doesn’t let anyone interfere with her work. While some claim she is insane, others believe she is a dictator. People’s reactions to Renia will therefore be complicated. But in truth, she has a good heart, which makes her the protagonist of this story. In conclusion, Renia is a wicked princess with a golden heart, a dark past, and great power.

Crazy Princess Renia  SPOILER

Duke Clovis Zenoff:

Duke Clovis is the spouse of Renia. Renia’s father arranged their marriage. Renia adored her father at first, but as time went on, she grew angry with him. Her mother passed away soon after, and her father began to negotiate with God. Her father first exposed her to the outside world on the first day of Spring, which had a negative influence on her head and left her severely injured.

Renia’s life drastically changed after she wed the Duke, marking the beginning of her sorrows and agony. Duke’s brother was envious of his talents and worried that he would undoubtedly succeed to the throne in the future. He made some preparations for him because he wanted to get rid of him. He arranged for Renia and Duke to get married in order to carry out his objectives. Renia fell in love with Duke at first sight, and at this point in their relationship, they appeared to be the ideal couple.

Crazy Creatures Can Be Found in the kingdom:

  A collection of unusual and fantastical creatures can be found in the kingdom of the crazy Princess Renia. Such as;

The Three-Headed Dog:

The Three-Headed Dog is one of the most well-known and devoted beasts in the kingdom. A terrible and devoted protector for the princess, this creature is reported to be the size of an elephant and has three heads. It has a reputation for attacking anyone who threatens the princess.

The Fire-Breathing Dragon:

The Fire-Breathing Dragon is another one of the crazy princess’s devoted subjects. This beast is feared and powerful in the kingdom because of its capacity to breathe fire that is hot enough to melt steel. It is regarded as a legend in the kingdom and is frequently spotted flying alongside the Three-Headed Dog.

The Giant Squid:

Another unusual animal that resides in Crazy Princess Renia’s realm is the Giant Squid. This monster is a huge sea creature with powerful tentacles that can crush ships with ease. It is a terrifying sight to witness and is the size of a whale.

Crazy Princess Renia Spoilers | The major ones:

The most shocking and interesting spoilers are here;

Before Incarnation | Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler:

Duke’s brother, as I previously stated, was jealous of his skills and wanted to get rid of him. King developed a bad illness after Renia’s marriage. He then requested Duke to stand up for his kid, but Duke turned him down. Later the King or his supporters spread accusations that the Duke poisoned the King in order to succeed him. The Queen and her supporters then made plans to assassinate Renia and her husband.

They consequently send her poisoned chocolate, but unintentionally her husband consumes it. He then passed away and made a promise to Renia to see her in the afterlife. They intended to accuse Renia of murdering her husband. No one listened to her when she tried to defend herself. Then she was put in prison. She obtained a knife while jailed, and using it, she killed herself while carrying the unborn child. The saddest passage of the book, which brought on tears for me, is this.

After Reincarnation | Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler:

The younger Renia can be found here as the plot shifts to reincarnation. She is currently trying to escape their marriage by acting insane. Before her rebirth, Renia was a wonderful woman, but now that she is a mad princess, her attitude has drastically changed. Duke, the male lead, is now in his boyhood and has no memory of his history. He does, however, occasionally catch glimpses of the past that are completely hazy. He is currently looking for the woman who appears in his visions.

He keeps trying to find women’s photos to fit those visions, but he is unable. In an effort to avoid his brother’s scrutiny, he is also making an effort to look for her with the aid of other nations. He then hears a story that is identical to his visions from someone else. He then makes the decision to visit the palace and meets Renia, the main character. He discovers that she had met her before. He now believes that his brother will be keen to organize their marriage, as per his visions.

The male lead is regarded to have a very great character. Many sexual scenes are depicted in the book, adding to its appeal. The basic plot of this book is this, and I thought it was extremely interesting. The work has a lot of intriguing events and topics that keep the reader interested.

When Male Lead Meets the Female Lead in the Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler?

This is one of the most common and most asked questions about this novel. Actually, ML meets the FL in chapters 5-7 of Manhwa (Here Manhwa is the common work for comics and print cartoons in general Korean terms). Let you make you more curious and encourage you to read the whole novel.

Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler

So you can directly jump to chapters 5-7 if you want the story of when they met. In total this novel has 5 Volumes, 1 Side Story Volume, or 221 chapters.

Punishment for the death of Lenia Zenov | Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler:

Lenia Zenov was assassinated; Duke Clovis sentenced her to death because she was the only princess whose birthday falls on the first day of the year. After that horrifying tale came to the tale of the little girl, known as Crazy Princess Spoiler, who suffered from her escape, hit reality, and started acting cruelly against everyone around her. It seemed as though she was trying to make them experience the same exhaustion and inner suffering.

The world blamed her after she lost her husband, and even though she was adamant that she did not commit the murder, she was sentenced to death as a result. She gained the affection and admiration of many people despite her reckless behavior and the outburst of her raging emotions and internal conflict, but following the death of Duke Clovis, she experienced loneliness and solitude.

More About the Novel | Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler:

The Crazy Princess Renia is an intriguing and thrilling tale of a young girl whose life was filled with strange experiences and the way she made it to the highest point. The book was difficult to finish.

GenreFantasy, Romance, Drama
AuthorAsura Lin
Status5 Volumes + 1 Side Story Volume or 196 chapters
Year 2019 (Completed) [Novel]
Related NamesLenia, a princesa maluca, Crazy Princess Renia, Crazy Princess Lenia

Conclusion |Crazy Princess Renia Spoiler:

 A book called crazy princess Renia Spoiler features unbelievable changes of events in the lives of Duke Clovis, Lenia, and Renia. In this tale, a girl is born on the first day of the year that follows one hundred years in a kingdom. The marriage between Lenia and Duke, which took place before Lenia’s unexpected death, was the most unexpected part of the tale. She was attractive, wealthy, and well-known, but her troubled past left her with mental health problems.

She then embarks on a quest to discover harmony and peace. And to learn the evolving truths of her exciting yet unhappy life. Since its publication, Crazy Princess Renia spoiler has been a well-read book. If you are a lover of novels then I will recommend you to must go through City of Witches Novel.


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