College Student Empress | A Modern Twist on Traditional Royalty

Discover a new kind of Empress with ‘College Student Empress.’ Watch as Shin Hae-seol transforms from a flirtatious college student into a powerful and inspiring leader, fighting for justice and empowering those around her.

The intriguing book “College Student Empress” tracks the adventures of Shin Hae-seol, a brave and flirtatious college student who awakens in an unfamiliar location as the “Empress” of a nation she is unfamiliar. Shin Hae-seol is determined to find a way back to her original world without compromising her principles despite being forced to adjust to a life of elegance and grace.

college student empress

She uncovers a plan to remove the Emperor and take the throne as she deals with the tricky waves of court politics and learns more about those around her. Shin Hae-seol takes on the task and fights to defend the nation from its malicious enemies with her intelligence and determination.

The Plot of College Student Empress:

I experienced a unique and captivating story with ‘College Student Empress”, I want you all to experience this fascinating journey too. Discover the fascinating world of an Empress and a modern college student merged into one as Shin Hae-seol rises to the challenge and fights for what she believes in.


College student Shin Hae-seol loves to experience life to the utmost. She frequently gets into trouble due to her outgoing and flirtatious nature, but she never backs down from a task. But one day she awakens in an unfamiliar location as the “Empress” of a nation she has never heard of. The worst part is that she can’t abandon her husband, the Emperor, who is constantly having affairs with concubines, despite being supposed to be elegant, graceful, and dignified. Until a mysterious message gives her a way out—kill the royals, and she can go back to her original world—she feels trapped and helpless.


Shin Hae-seol decides to learn as much as she can about the society she is in after realizing that using violence is not the solution. In order to comprehend the people and their way of living, she studies culture, manners, history, and politics. She looks around the courtroom and makes an effort to comprehend the personalities and motivations of those around her. A palace maid called Soo-ah, who aids her in navigating the perilous waters of court politics, becomes a friend of hers as well.

college student empress


Shin Hae-seol begins to realize that things are not exactly as they seem as she grows more at ease in her position as Empress. She learns of a scheme to remove the Emperor and take the crown. Further research reveals that the Emperor’s dependable advisor, who has been manipulating him for years, is the mastermind behind the plan. In order to free the Emperor and the nation from the traitors comprehend, Shin Hae-seol is aware that she needs to act swiftly. She uncovers the traitor’s scheme with Soo-ah’s assistance and gathers support from the obedient officials in court. Shin Hae-seol engages the traitor in a dramatic showdown and defeats him, rescuing the Emperor and solidifying her status as the genuine Empress of the realm. With the country at peace, Shin Hae-seol is finally able to find a way back to her original world without resorting to violence. She returns home, wiser and more grateful for the life she has.

The Characters of College Student Empress:

The most intimidating cast ever

Shin Hae-seol | The Protaginist:

Shin Hae-seol, the story’s main character, is a bold and flirty college student who awakens in a foreign land as the “Empress” of a nation she has never heard of. She initially feels helpless and trapped, but she chooses not to use aggression and instead makes the decision to learn everything she can about the environment she is in. Her tenacity and wit aid her in navigating the perilous waters of court politics because she is resolved to return to her initial world without compromising her morals.

The Emperor:

A man who spends his days with concubines and seems to care little about his Empress. But is there more to him than meets the eye?

The Emperor, Shin Hae-seol’s spouse, is a complicated man who spends his days having affairs with concubines. He has some redeeming traits despite his philandering ways. He truly cares about the citizens of his nation and is prepared to take unpopular actions on their behalf. Shin Hae-seol gradually gains a deeper knowledge of him as a person and starts to see him as more than just a womanizer.


In the strange universe, Shin Hae-seol finds herself in, a palace maid named Soo-ah develops into her closest companion and ally. Kind, resourceful, and passionately devoted to the Empress, Soo-ah. She guides Shin Hae-seol through the convoluted maze of court politics and is constantly on hand to lend a sympathetic ear or an assisting hand.

college student empress

The Emperor’s advisor:

The Emperor’s advisor, the book’s primary antagonist, is a crafty and cunning man who has been working behind the scenes for years. He craves authority and will do whatever it takes to get it, even if it means betraying the Emperor and his nation. The two engage in a dramatic confrontation after Shin Hae-seol sees through his pretense and learns about his scheme to overthrow the Emperor.

The concubines:

The Emperor’s concubines are a major character in the book because they are frequently at the center of intrigue and power conflicts at court. While some of them are merely using the Emperor to further their own goals, others are truly in love with him. Shin Hae-seol learns to navigate their complex relationships and uses her knowledge to her advantage.

Additional Information about the College Student Empress | Girl Jock Empress:

TitleCollege Student Empress
Associated NamesCollege Student Empress / Girl Jock Empress / Empress Palace College Student / 唯有套路得帝心 / 皇后は体育会系!? / 황후궁 체대생
TypeWeb Novel, Manhwa
GenreAction, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Isekai, Manhwa,  Romance
Author(s)Team Neok Bu Rang, Jinyagi
No. of Chapters104
Release Frequency10 days

Final Words:

The intriguing book “College Student Empress” takes readers on a thrilling journey through a world of royal intrigue, politics, and personal development. Shin Hae-seol, the protagonist of the story, is an inspiring novel character who upholds her values despite hardships.

Readers will be on the edge of their seats cheering for her throughout her voyage to defend the nation from traitorous enemies. All things considered, “College Student Empress” is a must-read for anyone seeking a distinctive and captivating tale populated with memorable characters and a richly imagined world.

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